Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snowman Party 2007

We have decided that since we have a "new round" of little people in the family, we will have a party for them on the 26th every year. This year we did a snowman theme. It was at Granny and Granddaddy's House and we played pin the nose on the snowman, made smores, did handprints in clay, painted clay snowmen, and made a snowman Christmas ornament.

Before the party got underway the adults had a big soup lunch and lots of chit-chat. Amy, Ray, Hannah and Hayden came from Memphis; Fleming and baby Weston from Cornith; Will, Carrie and Katie from Birmingham and the rest of the group from Christmas Day hung around as well.

It was a really fun day and I think the kiddos had a blast!!

Here are a few more pics from the day -

Bentley, Katie, Jameson, Callaway and Breland

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Santa finally came - The girls have been waiting so long for this day to happen. This is the first year that Bentley really has gotten the big picture. Jameson just has followed along, but I do think she kinda understood. When they woke up Bentley went to the window and said that he was not here and then opened the bedroom door, looked out and said he was not there either. I think maybe she thought Santa was gonna hang around for her to see the gifts! After she finally realized he was not here - she was so excited with all her new stuff.

Santa even brought Mommy a new pair of tennis shoes and Daddy new jeans and socks - way to go Santa!!

During all the excitement of the morning - I did not take any pictures of the girls - just video - Bad Mommy!

After a couple of hours of play and Breakfast, the girls and I got dressed and loaded up the car for a road trip to my parents house. We arrived around 5:00 that afternoon just in time for Christmas Day dinner at my grandparents house. My cousin Debbie and her family from SC were there(Mike, Rob, and Haley - Josh had to work), NaNa and DaDa, Aunt Marty, Cousin Velma Lee, Granny, Granddaddy, and my sister Mary Heather with her three girls - Callaway, Breland, and Burkley Ann. The rest of the family will arrive on the 26th.

After dinner - Bentley, Callaway and Breland used there new hairstyling kits on NaNa.

We opened gifts from Grandparents and NaNa and DaDa and then headed to their house for the night.

Haley and Burkley Ann

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

We decided to spend Christmas/Santa at our house this year. In the past we have always gone to my parents, but as the girls get older I want Santa to come to our house. On Christmas Eve we dressed in our christmas pj's and the girls got to open 2 gifts from mommy and daddy. They both got a pretend princess hair-styling kit (complete with a noisy hairdryer) and one big Barbie head to style. They LOVED it. They love to do each others hair as well as the baby dolls. They also got a stuffed kitty grooming set and a stuffed dog vet set. Each animal came with its own kennel. Poor Jameson had a horrible cold - runny nose and watery eyes.

They also gave Daddy the famous mini Coors Light keg.

After they played with those for a bit we went out on the back deck and sprinkled reindeer dust so that they reindeer would not miss our house - we don't have a chimney. This is the first year we have done this and it was a bit hit.

After the reindeer dust was all gone - we set out cookies, cupcakes and milk for Santa and to bed we went.
Here is just a group of pics from the night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artic Lights with NaNa and DaDa

My parents and grandparents decided to come visit before the actual holiday. They got here on the 18th and stayed until the 21st. On Tuesday night Me, NaNa, DaDa, Bentley and Jameson went to see the Artic Lights. The girls loved it. We rode a train to the "North Pole" and along the way we saw lots of lights and all kind of lighted figures (santa, reindeer, Baby Jesus, snowmen, etc.) At the "North Pole" the girls got to go into a big gingerbread house and visit with Santa - only one other group was on our train so they got to spend a good bit of time with him. They both went right up and jumped in his lap. We got back on the train and headed back to the station and the girls had hot cocoa and cookies.

Here are a few other pics from the night out with NaNa and DaDa!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Parade 2007

Friday night was the Christmas Parade and the girls had a blast!! We went with a couple of friends and their little ones. The weather was ok - kinda muggy and misty - but not bad enough to stay away. We did not get any pics of the parade - too busy picking up candy and beads for the little ones. We did take a few of the girls before the parade.

Christmas Card Pictures

Well as you all know - it is almost impossible to get a 2 & 3 year old to take a picture - I am not asking for the best picture ever - just one where they are both looking at the camera and one is not picking her nose!! We finally got an ok one for our Christmas Card-

Here are just a couple of others that we did not choose to use - but I thought they were cute.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We are finally getting into the Christmas spirit around the Nelsen household. Tree is up, mantle is decorated, stockings hung and ALL presents are bought!! The tree is not yet decorated, but the lights are on and hopefully by the time I go to bed tonight (while little ones are sleeping) - the tree will have ornaments.

The girls had a blast at the Tree Farm today. They had fun running around and picking out the best tree. After we cut the tree down and hauled it back to the "netting" area, we took a quick ride on the Santa Express and saw reindeer and Jolly ole' Saint Nick himself.

The picture to the right is this year at the tree farm (Green Dresses). The one below is from last year. I can't believe the girls are getting so big so fast.